Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vinyl who wants it!

I had the first vinyl made up real quick today. I also got the 1K DRIFT logo setup for now. The actual vinyl is Gold and silver, if you want to be a badass I am going to make the white inside of 1K and the word drift with WHITE REFLECTIVE vinyl, the shit they put on street signs and emergency vehicles.

The other I will be doing is the actual logo, which will cost more, all costs are materials! It will be The black outline, with gold inlay, and in behind the white filler will be the white reflective. This shit really does stick out and grab eyes! Version 1 vinyl, $13 shipped, if you want the reflective it will be a lil more. Version 2, unknown but will know upon request. Rep hard, drift harder.

All vinyls are done by Chad at Redline Designs, he does AWESOME work and gets it done quick( ).For ALL inquires on the site or sweet stickers email me at or shoot me a message on FBook. lata lata

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