Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #50 Corey Zinkhan

Name: Corey "shamkhan" Zinkhan

Age: 21

Location: Cumberland, MD

Years Drifting: 4 Year, 1 year at track

Vehicle of Choice: s-chassis (like new mustang though fun to slide)

Why: Because It was my second in list dream car next to the FD3S. Just an S-chassis with an SR when I was 16. Now it was just conveniant I payed $500 for Nathan Brasz old chassis.

Mods: Full Origin Aero, Piper Motorsports cage, reliably built up SR, S15 T28, BOLTONS, Tein Coils, random mustang wheels and 2 MB's, Bride bucket ect ect...

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Summit Point Raceway Bridge Course of BUST!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: I wrecked my car after nonestop building it for 3 weeks at 100 Drifters of December and somehow pulled out a third place but got second since yoshi left earlie. Prior to that crazyness I gave Vaughn Gittin my throttle body so I could watch him battle Dan Savage tandem!!

Personal Goals for the Future: Hit up E-Town, get this site up and running good, make all the east coast grassroots events the place to be.

Random Fact: muffed up bed sheets annoy me

Last Comment: Keep it real, keep it fun, no risk no reward, never lift, kill the shit, and stay balls out!

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