Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver profile #32 Zachary Klares

Name:Zachary Klares



Years Drifting: 4

Vehicle of Choice:1990 240sx

Why: when i was 14 i would watch all the local kids rice out there cars and go racing, i wanted a car that had decent stock stats and was affordable originally i wanted to just street race, i juggled between a probe a 240sx and a prelude. then one day i saw a d1 video online and tried to figure out what it was, i then found a link to initial d and from there i was in love w/ the 240sx. I got a job and worked to buy my first car an s14 and since then i have owned over a dozen, i love the s chassis, its the most versatile, i like both s13 and 14 but both have different characteristics. the 14 is more planted and stable more solid smooth drifting, the 13 is crazy and all over the place, more my style, i love more angle than anything.

Mods: current planning for 2010:
hks fmic
custom dp back exhaust
boost@12psi non sequential
koyo rad
aluminum ds

hks hyper d coils swift springs 10k/9k
tie rod spacers
knuckles and ruca's before xdc
full fd legal cage

p45 17x9.5 +12 225/45
fno1rc 17x9 +20 215/45

vertex kit
momo start seat
corbeau harness

Favorite Track to Throw Down:
Bridge course always

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting:
well i havent done that many events, but i managed to get a second place in my first competition as a beginner @ods,
my favorite accomplishment was getting third place in the first summit point tandem competition, i had to beat alot of better cars and drivers who have reached a higher level of competition than me, i was driving a sohc ka s13 w/ coils and a welded diff.

Personal Goals for the Future:
make it far in xdc summit and new jersey this summer

Random Fact:
ive owned almost 20 drift cars in 6 years

Last Comment:
keep drifting fun

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