Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #46 Dan Adams

Name: Dan Adams

Age: 30

Location: Madrid (Spain)

Years Drifting: 2

Vehicle of Choice: Bmw Euro M3 E36 and soon Toyota Soarer Z20

Why: Its the RWD I had when started dritfting and ended up been my racing drift car.. Soon Toyota to improve skills and speed, Beemer has 286hp and the Toyo will have around 500hp..

Mods: Bmw: KW V3, supersprint decat, all extra weight removed, 6 point roll cage, race seats, hydro ebrake, steering spacers, carbon airbox....
Toyota : 1JZGTE single turbo conversion, HSD Coillovers, and loads of goodies...

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Started drifting in Jarama (Madrid) and really enjoyed it, unfortunatly noisy cars cant go on it anymore :

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Spanish Drift Champion 2009

Personal Goals for the Future: Reaching the highest drift level, never stop enjoying our favorite sport...

Random Fact: Never look behind, you most likely wont like whats comming...

Last Comment: Dont Drive it! DRIFT IT!

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