Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driver Profile #2 David Jones

Name: David "Doctor" Jones

Age: 37

Location: Atlanta GA

Years Drifting: 6

Vehicle of Choice: 2007 Ford Mustang GT

Why: After taking a test drive, I had a really good feeling that it would make a great drift car. Add to that, a huge, inexpensive after market

Mods: A LOT!!! My favorite modification, RoushCharger

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Nashville Super Speedway

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Nothing really noteworthy, a lot of grassroots events, some demo's, etc..

Personal Goals for the Future: Formula Drift License for 2010!!!

Random Fact: I maintain several wild bird feeders at our home.

Last Comment: As fun as drifting is, it is not my life. I choose to not take it or life all that serious.

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