Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sitting Shotgun: The Brothers Tuerck

There are in FACT, 3 Tuercks in drifting. They are all brothers, and they all rip like no business. I never did know this until I came across Justin and Evan over the interwebs earlier this year. All 3 brothers own and drift 240's, of course Ryan is blasting around the circuit's in the Gardella Racing/Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice but he stayed true to his roots like many professionals do today. The 3 combined have been tearing the east coast drifting scene up! While at ECB I watched the 3 drive together and it was hands down one of THE most rad things I have seen in this growing sport. I mean, 3 brothers, driving together in cars from grassroots s13's to the Gardella Racing Pontiac Solstice.  running tandem at a grassroots event making a crowd go flat out ape shiz! Naturally the brothers were all semi-allocated to each other in the paddock area. As soon as I knew the 3 were there I wanted an interview with them, as a group, as family, as drifters. So get the Redbull out and read along to the words of the Tuerck's...

1K: Names from left to right:

Even Tuerck, Justin Tuerck, Ryan Tuerck

What is it like having all 3 of you brothers drifting?

Evan: I'd say its pretty awesome.

Justin: YEAH!

Evan: We raced motocross together for about 8 years during our were kinda back together you know, doin the same sport.

Ryan: Yeah were pretty much a racing family, all we really did was grow up racing so this is just kind of something else we started getting into..

Justin: Workin a natural transition for us...

Ryan: Its makes it easier on all of us if were all into it..Together we can all help each other out with cars and parts and contacts and stuff like that . Know what events to go to, who to talk to...really makes things easier for everybody...

1K: What series are you guys driving in?

Evan: Were doing XDC now, were gonna do two XDC events...Jersey and Summit Point. We started to do the North Carolina Streetwise..just didn't make it in points so...

Justin: Yeah me and Evan are working to get the invite to Cali., get our Formula D license's. Were outta the points now so its not worth goon down there for us anymore...

Evan: Yeah 15 hour drive...

Justin: So yeah were just planning on doing XDC so hopefully we do good enough there to get an invite...

Ryan:I'm competing in the Formula D series still with the Gardella Racing/Mobil 1 team. Were doin pretty decent. Its cool to be able to come to these events and watch my brothers drive and then have them come out and watch me drive in the Formula D series where in hoping they compete in the next year.

1K: Is your family into it now that you guys are all drifting?

Ryan: Our father is a big time help for all of us. He'll just bend over backwards and do anything to try to make it happen for all of us...follow through with the goals, try and do the best that we can....

What cars are you guys running this year?
Evan: I have a 1993 Nissan 240SX hatchback..SR20...

Ryan: Basic top mount t3-t4 setup makin like a normal 350 wheel horse..

Justin: Same thing..may have a little more horse then he does but yeah, basically the same cars..

Ryan: 240's, keep it easy, keep it simple, cheap. You know try to spend your money more on tires and
the general wear and tear then tryin to build something extravagant...super money car that's probably gonna end up breakin anyways..

1K: Hows your car doing? (Ryan)

Ryan: My cars good. The Pontiac Solstice is the best its ever been so far. You know this is my third year driving it and it keeps getting better. I think its now, its at the point where it cant get any better. I still have my personal 240 that I've been workin on, putting in a 1JZ..swappin it right now. Should be done in the next couple of weeks so I can start driving even more at a grassroots level with these guys. So I don't take out the competition car and just pull car lengths on these guys when I'm just trying to help-em out during tandem..

Ryan where do you want to see your brothers in drifting as they move up the ranks?

Ryan: I mean obviously I wanna see them compete in Formula D and making top 32 shows and driving with me you know? Driving head to head, actually me and Evan, came down here 2008, to the NOPI show at Englishtown and ended up qualifying 16th and I qualified first so we were matched up head to head. So we did a tandem battle in 2008 which is pretty I mean Id love to see them just come up and get there recognition and get their place in the Formula D series...

1K: Where do you guys see drifting headed in the up and coming years?

Ryan: I dono, I feel like its headed in a really good direction, its just getting better and better as far as support goes out there..and the grassroots guys especially...I think there's gonna be a lot more programs pop up to make it easier for grassroots guys..make it more affordable for them..

Justin: They definitely stepped up this year for them for sure...

Ryan: There's definitely gonna be more contingencies there....It just needs to be more affordable for the grassroots guys who are you know, killin them selves tryin to make it...I'm hoping that's the direction that its gonna start heading.....

1K: What do you guys think about the drifting community itself?

Evan: Awesome...

Justin: Awesome...

Ryan: There's soo much comrade around the pits I mean everybody is just on the same level..there all here to just do one thing..have a blast and beat the crap outa there cars...

Evan: Everyone wants to help each other out, lend a hand, lend a tool..socket screwdriver, all that. Its really awesome the whole community comes together you know?

Justin: Yeah...

Ryan: And really that's the way its always been in drifting, nothings really changed..the bigger its gets, the more really cool people you meet and relationships you build....

Make sure to follow Ryan throughout his 2010 Formula Drift season in the Gardella Racing/Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice. Ryan is out for blood and shows it each event he's out in. Evan and Justin will continue the quest for a Formula D license and with the driving they put out each time they get behind the wheel, it wont be hard for them at all. Currently Evan and Justin are always welcoming sponsors for this season and beyond so keep an eye on these 2! 

Special thanks to Dan Jenkins and Wrecked Magazine for the photos! 

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video Load

Video Load- With so many events going on around this time we are all antsy to see the footy so here is 4 videos including 2 ProAm events and, All Star Bash and Prodrift Ireland. Enjoi..

Prodrift Ireland Round 3 By Patrick McCullagh
Prodrift Ireland - Round 3 @ CityWest from Patrick McCullagh on Vimeo.

City West seen the Prodrift Series arrive for the 3rd round of the championship.
Alot of top drivers where there including BDC drivers Paul Cheshire, Danny Eyles and our own Shane Lynch of Boyzone fame.
Also championship regulars such as James Deane, Alan Sinnot, Christy Carpenter, Mike Fitzgerald et al where out in force to to show the BDC how its done.
Notable drives over the weekend came from Jay Rockett, Barry Leonard and a very impressive Chris Brady - who impressed all the Prodrift fans with 4th place overall.
Alan Sinnott took third behind the two Deane brothers with younger brother James showing Mike a clean pair of heals in the finals.

Thanks for reading ;)

2010 Just Drift "All Star Bash X" With Benson Hsu
2010 Just Drift "All Star Bash X" With Benson Hsu from Brakesislife on Vimeo.

6-30-10 - ThunderDrift Formula D ProAm - Round 3
6-30-10 - ThunderDrift Formula D ProAm - Round 3 from Running:Projects on">Vimeo.

NorCal's finest battle it out in the 3rd Round of the ThunderDrift Formula D ProAm Championship series.

South East Drift ProAm - Gresham Park – 6/26
South East Drift ProAm - Gresham Park - 6/26 from Joseph Canady on">Vimeo.