Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #38 Zac Detwiler

Name: Zac Detwiler


Location: go to school in Lima, OH from Haymarket, VA

Years Drifting: none on the track yet... about 1.5 years doing auto-x

Vehicle of Choice: 1994 Nissan 240sx convertible

Why: always liked the s-chassis cars. I liked how different the 'verts were but unfortunately they were all auto. i found this one with a manual swap already done and the car was pretty clean, so i picked this one up

Mods: setup for the 2010 season
s13 sr20det redtop
eBay exhaust and down pipe with Megan exhaust manifold
CXracing FMIC and piping
ARP head and main studs
stock t25 turbo with HKS wastegate actuator
CP .040" over 8.5:1 pistons
Cometic head gasket

K-Sport coilovers
welded differential
6 pt roll bar

Wheels and tires:
stock wheels for now
tires... whatever i find

pignose bumper with lip

Favorite Track to Throw Down: um... since ive never drifted on track yet, i will say SCCA autocross in Fostoria, OH

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: none yet

Personal Goals for the Future: get out on the track this season. also get a job so i can fund this and upgrade some of my parts (i.e. suspension and wheels)

Random Fact: um, i kinda wish i didnt buy the 'vert at first because i need the roll bar to get out on track. but i know when i finally get out there i will love it

Last Comment: Drifting is fun.... lets keep it that way

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