Sunday, February 28, 2010

Driver Profile # 70 Matty Borg

Name: Matty

location: adelaide

Years drifting: just started

Vehicle of choice: onevia .

Why : like the look

Mods: tein coilovers, camber arms, tie rods etc. 2 way

Personal accomplishments in drifting : none.

Personal goals for the future: qualify in G1

Random fact: eninge knock is bad lol

Last comment : if your sump isnt touching the ground it needs adjusting.

Driver Profile #69 Andrew Hawkins

Name: Andrew Hawkins

Age: 29

Location: Sydney

Car: Nissan S13 - Also have S14 and S15

Why: Had S14 since before I knew about drifting in 2002 so already loved them. Know them inside and out, parts are cheap and easy and they are built for it!

Mods: ( S13) Stock SR20DET, X-Force Exhaust Manifold, Turbosmart external wastegate, Garrett GT2871R, GReddy plenum, Hypertune throttle body and intercooler piping, Saber intercooler, Nismo 740cc injectors, Haltech Platinum ECU, Walbro pump, Saber radiator, Saber oil cooler, PWR power-steering cooler, Trust sump, Splitfre coilpacks, GReddy Profec B Spec II, Nismo coppermix clutch, Nismo engine and gearbox mounts, Nismo Pro-LSD 2-way, 5-stud conversion, S14 calieprs, DBA 5000 GTR rotors, Project Mu pads, Nismo braided lines, HSD coilovers, every arm and bush replaced, Whitleline sway bars, Koya 17x9.5+15 Drift-Tek wheels, Origin widebody guards, D-Max rear spoiler, Lamborghini Orange re-spray, bucket seats, custom bonnet, Saber gauges blah blah blah 235kW @ wheels and been going for 18 months.

Favourite Track: Full Eastern Creek track and Marulan

Personal Accomplishments: Host Drift Australia TV show, made Drift Central DVDs, made Drifters Unleashed DVD, commentated DA, Powercrusie, Fulllock, Raceline, and QR drifting events. Helped the scene grow

Personal Goals for future: Get better

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Driver Profile #67 Robby Edmonds

Name: Robby Edmonds


Location:Melbourne, Australia

Years Drifting:3yrs

Vehicle of Choice: 2003 Ford BA Xr6 Turbo ute

Why: Its the car i learnt to drift in and had the most fun!! :)

Mods: cooler, highflowed turbo, screamer pipe, 3inch exshaust, 040 fuel pump, fuel reg , cappa flash tune.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Winton , Victoria Australia

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Qualifying for the top 16 in many events

Personal Goals for the Future: to travel the world and drift in many different series to gain knowledge of overseas drifting techniques

Random Fact: i once drifted a police vehicle lol hahaha

Friday, February 26, 2010

Driver Profile #65 Mike Cianci

Name: Mike Cianci

Age - 24

Location: New Jersey

Years Drifting: 2-3 years

Vehicle of Choice: s13 240sx coupe

Why:Light /nimble/cheap/endless amounts of mods

Mods:2jzgte/r154/Garrett t67/full suspension/aero/too much to type :)

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Englishtown/raceway park

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: To have fun and forget about the daily routine

Personal Goals for the Future: To compete for fun as a privateer just for fun.

Random Fact: Im drunk right now

Last Comment: Keep drifting fun!!!!!!

Soon to be covered!

I will be going back down to VA to do a nice cover story with Ryan Downey and his shop, Auto Expectations! I will also be taking my s13 diff down for his man Hendrick to lay down some beautiful welds on.

Stay tuned for this expect to see....

Carbon Lotus
Basics of welding a diff
One on One with Ryan Downey. The 2009 Drift Nirvana Joe's CHAMPION.
Drift cars, drift cars, and a little more drift cars!

Driver Profile #64 Davey Clarke

Name: Davey Clarke

Age: 20

Location:Adelaide, Australia

Years Drifting: 3

Vehicle of Choice: 4age turbo KE70

Why: Very light and can keep up with the big boys, easy to get parts for from an ae86



- AE92 4AGZE small port MAP CAS
- TODA cams
- TODA adjustable cam gears
- Kelway turbo manifold
- RWD cut and shut small port intake manifold
- Custom cooling setup
- 4 core land rover radiator
- T25g turbo
- Turbo back 3 inch straight through over diff to twin 3 inch straight pipes


- JDM T50 gearbox
- Custom Tailshaft
- Extreme AE92 lightened flywheel – 215mm
- AJPS rebuilt shifter
- R31 diff with minispool and VS calipers
- AE71 clutch master cylinder
- AE71 thrust bearing + carrier

Suspension - Brakes:


- AJPS AE86 coilovers
- Cusco camber tops
- AJPS roll center adjusters40mm
- AE86 steering rack – rebuilt
- AJPS adjustable tie rod ends
- AJPS lock spacer
- XT130 Corona control arms – rebuilt
- AE86 power steering arms
- Super pro bushes through out
- Brembro AE86 disks
- TRW ae86 brake pads
- Kelway strut brace
- Cusco caster rod brace


- 6KG AJPS springs
- Short stoke shocks
- AJPS on car adjustable pan hard rod


- Front guards flared
- TE72 front and rear chrome bumpers
- Chrome lipped tail lights
- Origin bolt on flares +35mm


- Custom dash
- Luisi Mirage steering wheel
- HKB boss kit
- AJPS screw on 'Drift button'
- Fully striped interior
- Twin household light switches – ACC and ON
- Red push start button
- Harness
- Fixed Ebay bucket seat
- TE72 modified pedal box

15x8 -9 Performance challengers
14x8 -9 Performance Harricains

143kws on 7psi

Favourite Track to Throw Down: Well only track here in sa is Mallala

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: lots of practice, known to be loose and be entertaining

Personal Goals for the Future: To enter in some comps and have fun and winning one would just be a bonus :)

Random Fact: Did you know that, a car traveling 100 mph would take more than 29 million years to reach the nearest star.

Last Comment: Go out and give it ago! drifting is the best thing i have done in my life, so much fun and great people in it aswell

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driver Profile #63 Dale Madairy

Name: Dale Madairy


Location: baltimore md

Years Drifting:2

Vehicle of Choice: 240sc coupe

Why: easy to slide, easy to fix when you stuff it in a tire wall.... (Corey Z: Its true ive done this)

Mods:1jz swap with r154 tranny, all the other normal must haves for drifting

Favorite Track to Throw Down:summit point, preferably shannondoah circut

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: im still alive....

Personal Goals for the Future: get into the pro's

Random Fact:my daughter likes fruit cups

Last Comment: the guy that lives above lock raven is getting really pissed, 3 am runs thru there have wore thin with this

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driver Profile #62 Zach Catlin

(Corey Z: When you look like this, you know your doing something right!)

Name: Zach Catlin

Age: 23

Location: NoVa

Years drifting: 6

Vehicle of choice: 91 Chevy Camaro 1le Z28. It was my first car and ive had it sense highschool, it handled really well in road race and autox, Infact it still has the same basic suspension setup from back then. However I can drift the crap out of s13's, corollas, supras, and mustangs whenever their brave owners let me.

Mods: Engine

Carburated 355 smallblock
Holley 750cfm carburator
Headman Headers
Comp Cams roller rockers 1.5
Edelbrock Torquer Intake manifold
Custom Twin ram air induction (D-Tuning)
Custom 3 inch exhaust (D-Tuning)
Mallory 6AL ignition with adjustable rev limiter
Poly motor & trans mounts


Umi t-5 trans mount customized to fit 4 speed (D-Tuning)
10 bolt rear with alumium cover
Moser forged axels
Timken nascar spec bearings throughout
3:23 Welded diff (D-Tuning)
Custom steel driveshaft


Custom extended control arms (D-Tuning)
Koni Shocks
Stock Car Products Springs #top secret
Stock 1le 36mm front swaybar
New solid Rubber bushings throughout

Favorite track to throw down: To me its the compeition that makes it worthwhile to throw down, Whichever track has the drifters that are gona go hard and give the best tandems is where I like to throw down. So far its been Summit Point!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Qualified for Pro-Am Nationals, 2008, Third place Hyperfest 2009, First Place at a Drift Nirvana comp, Always Qualifyied top 16 in drift competitions. Some podiums finishes at US Drift events.

Personal Goals for the Future: XDC drift circuit, Formula Drift, D1! and do an E-Town event! And go PRO!

Random Fact: Garbage day is a very dangrous day...

Last Comment: Keep the spectators excited! Keep trying harder until you can hear Them over your straightpiped drift machine!

Sitting Shotgun: Slideways by Yoshi Jeffrey

I requested Yoshi put down some words on Drifting, and Slideways. This is what he wrote...

A message from The Yoshi: We have a rare opportunity to make what we want out of what we love. Drifting. Just like the great pioneers in other facets of history, we are on the ground floor of something “new”. Time will reward those who make it their own. Computers were already around when Bill Gates came into the picture. He just put the pieces together. This is exactly what we are doing.

Drifting is still relatively unheard of. The first thought in the average person’s mind is a hobo. On the east coast, drifting is still barren. My stake and claim to fame is, of course, Slideways. Our take on this is to keep drifting fun and legal. When you come to an event, you immediately waste a half hour saying hi to your drift buddies and checking out what changed since their last event. You just don’t see that in other auto sports. Friends will come by your house to help you do something on your car. Tech knowledge is free flowing and plentiful. Why would you NOT want to drift?

There is definitely something about not directly comparing yourself to others that brings us together. Subjectivity is what sets us apart. Our goal is fun, not times. We don’t aim to shave tenths of seconds off our lap time. We derive joy from what others think of as insane. Which… we probably are at some level. It all comes down to fun. If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong. So in summation: keep it safe, keep it fun, keep it legal. GO!

Heres photos I got together to reflect the driving, and the friendship we hold as a group people.
For more info check us out at!!!!!

Driver Profile #61 Kyle Krebs

Name: Kyle Krebs

Location: Alexandria, KY

Years Drifting: 2010 will be season 3 for me

Vehicle of Choice: AE86

Why: It's what I started with, and it seems silly to change now.

Mods: Not much left stock. I think the doors are untouched.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: hard to choose, every track is fun. Overall I would have to say G and J Kartway, very tight and technical. Kilkare would be a close second.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Numerous first and second place finishes at the grassroots level, starting to be more competitive with the better drivers.

Personal Goals for the Future: Continue to have fun and progress as a driver, eventually make it to the big leagues.

Random Fact: I have never been involved in any motorsport other than drifting.

Last Comment: Keep it fun, otherwise what's the point?

Vinyl who wants it!

I had the first vinyl made up real quick today. I also got the 1K DRIFT logo setup for now. The actual vinyl is Gold and silver, if you want to be a badass I am going to make the white inside of 1K and the word drift with WHITE REFLECTIVE vinyl, the shit they put on street signs and emergency vehicles.

The other I will be doing is the actual logo, which will cost more, all costs are materials! It will be The black outline, with gold inlay, and in behind the white filler will be the white reflective. This shit really does stick out and grab eyes! Version 1 vinyl, $13 shipped, if you want the reflective it will be a lil more. Version 2, unknown but will know upon request. Rep hard, drift harder.

All vinyls are done by Chad at Redline Designs, he does AWESOME work and gets it done quick( ).For ALL inquires on the site or sweet stickers email me at or shoot me a message on FBook. lata lata

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driver Profile #60 Phil Adams

Name: Phil Adams

Age: 19

Location: NOVA

Years Drifting: 0

Vehicle of Choice: S14
Why: Because only a select few in virginia still have s14's

Mods: Welded diff, tein springs and kyb shocks

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Summit Point

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: None yet!

Personal Goals for the Future: Get sponsored by powered by max

Random Fact: MOOOO!

Last Comment: Stoopid Drifters for life!

Driver Profile #59 Sunthara Tav

Name: Sunthara Tav

Age: 23

Location: North Philly, PA

Years Drifting: 1 & ahalf

Vehicle of Choice: Nissan 240sx

Why: Because I have a crap load of parts for it

Mods: Stock SR20DET, suspension all done out

Favorite Track to Throw Down: E-town NJ/ Clubloose

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Stress reliever

Personal Goals for the Future: Become a crazy awesome driver

Random Fact: I love fried chicken

Last Comment: Keep drifting FUN!

(Corey Z: This is hands down one of my favorite s-chassis ever)

Driver Profile #57 Nathaniel Chen

Name: Nathaniel Chen

Age: 15

Location: NOVA

Involvement in Drifting: Filmer

Vehicle of Choice: Uhhh whatever people will let me drive

Mods: I got some awesome video gear?

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Summit Point!!!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Worked with, featured on Wreckedmagazine,, Local Scene Media, and NOS Energy Drink.

Personal Goals for the Future: Make money to buy a 240!!!!

Random Fact: I have been into cars since I was 1.

Last Comment: Thank you Dan Jenkins, Yoshi Jeffery, and everyone at Slideways!!! I would not be as successful as I am today without you.

1K DRIFT Vinyl design type 1 done

Well boys and girls we got 1 design done for temp vinyls of 1K DRIFT and here it is, want one? Message me on Facebook or email me$ shipped all material cost. Rep hard!

(Note: Next version will have 1K filled with white reflective vinyl and DRIFT will be changed from silver to reflective, shit will blow up at night!)

Driver Profile #56 Rich Spohr

Name: Rich Spohr

Age: Old as fuck

Location: AZ

Years Drifting: 3 Years

Vehicle of Choice: 350Z - It's the new 240

Why: It's the new 240

Mods: Full cage, Nismo Diff, KSport Kontrol Pro's, 350Z MotorSports adjustable camber/toe arms, 350Z MotorSports solid diff bushings, Megan long tube headers, Kinetix Plenum, Injen intake, Tein tie rods, Wilwood BBK, etc...

Favorite Track to Throw Down: PIR-100mph entries

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: No real accomplishments, yet...

Personal Goals for the Future: Pro License

Random Fact: I could be your daddy...

Last Comment: Shout out to AZDRiFT,, &

Driver Profile #55 Raymund Berlo

Name: Raymund Berlo

Age: 34

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Years Drifting: Off & on for 4 years

Vehicle of Choice: Lexus IS300

Why: Drift the 4 door! It’s different and very unforgiving, makes it good to learn with. Oh, yeah, it’s still comfortable. ;)

Mods: full suspension, LS400 T-body, getrag V160 trans, Toy Sequoia driveshaft, carbon/kevlar hood, and any other parts I can get my hands on to test.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Anywhere I can make it to.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Clocked a quicker lap time at an autocross drifting than a guy talking smack about drifters.

Personal Goals for the Future: Pro License & keep having fun!

Random Fact: Aruba has animals on their paper money.

Last Comment: More tires please!

Driver Profile #54 Thomas Osborn

Name: Thomas Osborn

Age: 23

Location: Baltimore, MD

Years Drifting: 3

Vehicle of Choice: Mazda Miata

Why: It's not your typical drift car, and I prefer the natural light weight high grip threshold the car has.

Mods: AVO Turbo kit, MMR Solid motor and Diff mounts, ACT 6 puck clutch, 7mm steering rack spacers, Level 7 Tune Steering Knuckles, AGX Shocks paired with Racing Beat springs, Frame Rails, Hard Dog Roll Bar, 1.8 Welded Diff, Custom high flow intake manifold.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Summit Shenandoha bridge course.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Actually making it through a drift day.

Personal Goals for the Future: Do well in the 2010 Season, move to DN Pros, maybe pick up a sponsor!

Random Fact: I also DD (daily drift?) a 1993 Nissan 240sx.

Last Comment: Maryland has some of the best drifters the world has never known.

Driver Profile #53 Robert Strohmeyer

Name: Robert Strohmeyer


Location: Las Vegas

Years Drifting: 7

Vehicle of Choice: 99 GS400

Why: I love big body four doors

Mods: Full cage, full suspension, wheels, engine building in the works.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Interior track Homestead Speedway Miami

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: A bunch Top 5 finishes in drift showoff comps in 04-05
4th RS-R Drift festival in 04
Other local area titles

Personal Goals for the Future: I'm turning into a filmmaker!

Random Fact:

Last Comment: I've dropped the level of money spent into drift a lot since 2005. I'm starting a new business that will hopefully get some money in my pockets so I can finish my build and get back on the track.

Driver Profile #52 Willie Ortega

Name: Willie Ortega

Age: 32

Location: philly/ jersey

Years Drifting: 8 on and off

Vehicle of Choice: currently a ka-t powered ae86, but pretty much anything that has wheels

Why: idk its like a bad relationship. i hate them, i love them, i hate them a gaing. but this time i have the perfect receipe for it.

Mods: bc coilovers, adjustable four links and panrod arm, tc rods, battle version bumpsteer blocks, celica-supra rear diff. wheels, body kit and paint im still debating on. beside the engne been a ka24de, everything else its a secret..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: e-town, philly

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: started alot of great friendships.

Personal Goals for the Future: destroy tires , get married

Random Fact: apparently ikea has some awesome footage of me and a couple of friends destroying there parking lot. one of the security guard was tring to get a copy but failed.

Last Comment: stay away from the wall

Driver Profile #51 Danny Le

Name: Danny Le

Age: 24

Location: phoenix AZ

Years Drifting: 1yr

Vehicle of Choice: s13

Why: its a good car to start practicing with.

Mods: motor, suspension, aero, interior etc..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: FIR main track. the only track i drifted on....

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: at local events i got 3rd place. got 1st place. got to tandem with forrest. got sponsor. Learn how to do a motor swap and other stuff.

Personal Goals for the Future: Need to get my car ready to compete in xdc in oct 16 @ FIR

Random Fact: drifting is a expensive!!!!

Last Comment: Shout out to Ace up motorsports for all the help. Rich from 350zmotorsports for setting up all the events and for sponsoring me. Zombified crew,, and always REMEMBER "Function over fashion" vitaly s

Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #50 Corey Zinkhan

Name: Corey "shamkhan" Zinkhan

Age: 21

Location: Cumberland, MD

Years Drifting: 4 Year, 1 year at track

Vehicle of Choice: s-chassis (like new mustang though fun to slide)

Why: Because It was my second in list dream car next to the FD3S. Just an S-chassis with an SR when I was 16. Now it was just conveniant I payed $500 for Nathan Brasz old chassis.

Mods: Full Origin Aero, Piper Motorsports cage, reliably built up SR, S15 T28, BOLTONS, Tein Coils, random mustang wheels and 2 MB's, Bride bucket ect ect...

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Summit Point Raceway Bridge Course of BUST!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: I wrecked my car after nonestop building it for 3 weeks at 100 Drifters of December and somehow pulled out a third place but got second since yoshi left earlie. Prior to that crazyness I gave Vaughn Gittin my throttle body so I could watch him battle Dan Savage tandem!!

Personal Goals for the Future: Hit up E-Town, get this site up and running good, make all the east coast grassroots events the place to be.

Random Fact: muffed up bed sheets annoy me

Last Comment: Keep it real, keep it fun, no risk no reward, never lift, kill the shit, and stay balls out!

Driver Profile #49 Mike Swartz

Name: Mike Swartz

Age: 32

Location: Carlisle, PA

Years Drifting: 4

Vehicle of Choice: 92 Dodge Ram 50 pickup

Why: Cause its a truck

Mods: 4G63 turbo engine, 4 link and tube frame rear, body drop

Favorite Track to Throw Down: VIR Patriot course

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Best truck ever

Personal Goals for the Future: Whiplash 3 - I really should make it.

Random Fact: I just got a G35 coupe to beat up on the street

Last Comment: XOXO

(Corey Z: Mike is a total real badass. He sold me a shirt dubbed "JDM Boner Dude", its all the rave in town)

Driver Profile #48 Marc Bergeon

Name: Marc Bergeon

Age: 24

Location: Arizona

Years Drifting: 7

Vehicle of Choice: any legal professional drifting 240

Why: good power/weight distribution, light weight and easy to toss around and be competitive with.


Work Wheels SD9's 17x9.5 +15 and 18x10 +15
Series 2 RB25det
Garrett T04E Turbo .63 a/r
Sparco quick release
Nardi Torino steering wheel
D-max type 3 aero
D-max front and rear fenders
D-max Hood
D-max roof lip
Custom tubbed front wheel wells
Custom D1 legal cage built by Ryan Hampton and myself
Custom removable tube front rad/IC mount built by myself and
Bride Zeta 2 seat w/low rails
R33 crossmember
R33 aluminium 4 piston calipers
R33 rotors
SS lines
s14 LCAs
s14 Knuckles
Tein tie rods
H Competition Tension rods
H Competition RUCA's
H Competition Toe rods
H Competition Traction rods
boxed in the front tension rod brackets
Cusco bar that goes across the tension rod brackets
Intense Power front 30mm Swaybar
Energy syspension steering rack bushings
Solid aluminium SPL steering collumn bushing
s13 rear subframe, re-enforced
Stance solid aluminium subframe bushing replacements
brand new nissan s13 rear LCAs
s14 rear uprights
s14 rear brakes and ebrakes
s14 ebrake cables
5 lug
Custom chassis wiring
Apex-i gauges
Custom Hydraulic hand brake
rotora slotted rear rotors
180sx Kouki tail lights
and a lot more....

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Phoenix International Raceway

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: D1 grand prix licensed driver, may 2009

Personal Goals for the Future: finish the new car and find enough funds to compete in either the XDC series or Formula D

Random Fact: I'm peggin' the fun meter!

Driver Profile #47 George Garcia

Name: George Garcia

Age: 32

Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Years Drifting: None! I have been in the Industry since 2004 running a small site by the name of Came from the NHRA as a former Employee there and been around the world and back...

Vehicle of Choice: I switch cars to often and yet still have never gotten a damn RWD! I did have a truck but I blew that up! Currently sporting a 05' Ford Focus that is viciously abused

Why: Needed a car that can take some abuse and stil roll with my kidos in...

Mods:Intake is the only thing and will be chaging the brakes/rotors out.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Favorite Track to see is Irwindale as well as Button Willow even thought its hella far...

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Launched the first site of its kind and ran the first LIVE Blog/Update system for Formula Drift in 2007.

Personal Goals for the Future: Actually drift or try to get back into some form of racing.

Random Fact: My will be a new personal project site on my life and its accomplishments and failures.

Last Comment: Hit me up if you have any questions or just anything in general. I freelance in almost everything!

(Corey Z: Mad props to George for helping the movement grow!)