Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driver Profile #14 Mike Bolanos

Name: Mike Bolanos "Bomac"

Age: 28

Location: Years Drifting: 6.5 Yrs

Vehicle of Choice: s13

Why: S13, for entry level drifting it is the most common use and probably the most practical car to use out there. I used to drive a corolla and will always have the love for that car.

Mods: Suspension, cage, motor, breaks, seats, and etc.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Horse Thief Mile @ WSiR

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting:
2010 Formula D license holder
2009 Top Drift co-Champion
2005 - Present Justdrift Demo Driver
2004 Hankook Drift Champion
2004 Best Team Tandem (JustDrift)
2005-Present Assistant Chief Instructor (JustDrift)
2010 VegasDrift Pro-Am Judge

Personal Goals for the Future:
To continue help the grassroots drifting events. Maybe drive professionaly in the future. To have fun.

Random Fact: Keep Drifting Fun! And u will never get enough of it.

Last Comment: Thank You! Stay Sideways!

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