Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #30 Yoshi Jeffry

Name: Yoshi Jeffry

Age - 24

Years drifting - 6

Vehicle of choice: E30. Why? My dad's friend sold me one as my first car for $5 (it was sitting in the mud on the side of his house). So it kinda chose me. i drift it because I like being different. Plus I was already different.

Fav track: ODS. BANK!

Personal accomplishments: I finished tied 16th in the USD nationals in like 2006 or something. I only got it because there were so few people at that ONE event I was competing at. And that placed me 16th over all for the whole year. But it's still kewl to have my name out there.

Future goals: No straighten/no spin consistently. Don't care about comps or going pro. I just want to rock out.

Random Fact: I wear size 34 pants. For now...

Last comment: Drift for fun. It isn't supposed to be serious. It's what separates us from other auto sports.

(Corey Z.: Yoshi keeps it real.)

Car mods (left it for last cuz its long):
M50B25 Non-Vanos out of a 1990 525i
0.0140" MLS head gasket
Yoshi refreshed engine
Holset HX35W with (16cm^2) non WG housing
Ebay 45mm WG
Random BOV
Megasquirt 1 V3 running wasted coil on plug (BIP373 upgrade)
Innovate LC1
Ford Racing 42# injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Yoshi wiring harness
Custom turbo manifold
3" exhaust with bolt on cutout
Biggest ebay FMIC I could find
NGK bp???7E spark plugs gapped to 0.030"
Mishimoto radiator

2.93 LSD from an E28
ZF 310D transmission
97 M3 drive shaft
Spec Stage 4 unsprung clutch
B&M short shifter
Peerless Severe Duty Skid Plate

Cosmo Coilovers (6k/14k) rear springs cut
K-Mac camber/caster plates
IE sways (22mm front and 19mm rear)
5mm tie rod spacers
IE camber/toe adjustment kit
AKG solid subframe bushings
AKG solid diff bushings
75A poly trailing arm bushings
M3 offset Nylon front control arm lollipops
Weld in rear camber/toe adjusters

17x8 +20 sportmax 006 30mm spacers running 225/40/17 Dunlop direza Star Specs
17x9 +25 sportmax 006 25mm spacers on the rear with shit tires

MoMo steering wheel
MoMo shift knob
Sparco warrior seat
Sparco harness
Autopower 6 point bolt in cage

Volvo 740 front lip
IX side skirts and flares
Hole in the hood...

SS brake lines (4 out of 6... got lazy)
axis brake pads (are gay)
E28 motor mounts
E21 tranny mounts
Zionsville autosport modified brake booster

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