Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driver Profile #51 Danny Le

Name: Danny Le

Age: 24

Location: phoenix AZ

Years Drifting: 1yr

Vehicle of Choice: s13

Why: its a good car to start practicing with.

Mods: motor, suspension, aero, interior etc..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: FIR main track. the only track i drifted on....

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: at local events i got 3rd place. got 1st place. got to tandem with forrest. got sponsor. Learn how to do a motor swap and other stuff.

Personal Goals for the Future: Need to get my car ready to compete in xdc in oct 16 @ FIR

Random Fact: drifting is a expensive!!!!

Last Comment: Shout out to Ace up motorsports for all the help. Rich from 350zmotorsports for setting up all the events and for sponsoring me. Zombified crew, teamtopflight.blogspot.com, and always REMEMBER "Function over fashion" vitaly s

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