Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driver Profile #12 Brooks Church

(Note from Corey, I had to post a third picture for Brooks of him sliding his Miata. Mad props for all who can kill it in a non kill it machine)

Name: Brooks Church

Age:23 (on March 6th 2010)

Location: New Albany, OH

Years Drifting: 5

Vehicle of Choice: Current Vehicle= S13

Why: Traded my Miata for it... Needed a more competitive vehicle

Mods: SR, Built Motor, AEM EMS, TEIN, Kaaz, Bride, Cage, Slowmotion Motorsports Turbo Kit & Tune, and a ton more... too much to list..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Kilkare Speedway, Mid-Ohio Sports Car course

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Won the first Street Life Tour and proved that a Road Racer can drift. Also that Miata's are gay but can drift pretty good.

Personal Goals for the Future: Run as many event as i can afford and enjoy. Don't want to go to big yet, I want to enjoy as much as possible.

Random Fact: I love pizza!

Last Comment: Seize the carp!

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