Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #39 Dan Jenkins

(Corey Z.: Rather then a car photo for obvious reason Dan doesnt have one, he got the one up on everyone with the badass camera equipment shot!)

Name: Dan Jenkins Age: 32

Location: York PA

Years Drifting: None, ha ha!! But 4 years of doing drift photography!!

Vehicle of Choice: 04 Honda Civic EX

Why: My Integra got totaled I needed a reliable car which was great on gas (for traveling!)

Mods: All stock, yo!! (All my $$$ goes to my camera!)

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Tie between Englishtown NJ and Summit Point WV!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Getting my photos published on the reg. Never thought it would happen!!

Personal Goals for the Future: Take more awesomer pictures!!

Random Fact: Dogs can look up.

Last Comment: Don't let anything hold you back... you're never too old to chase your dreams! You only live once, so don't be scared!!

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