Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver profile #27 Gerry Caceres

Name: Gerry Caceres

Age: 32

Location: Newark, DE. (USA)

Years Drifting: 8

Vehicle of Choice: Nissan S13's

Why: I learned how to drift in a FC3S. So Drifting in an S13 is almost too easy sometimes, haha

Mods: Basic bolt-ons, Coilover suspensions, fully adjustable suspension arms, sway-bars, strut-tower bars, and 2-way diff's

Favorite Track to Throw Down: E-Town New Jersey!!!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: ClubLoose's 2007 Instant Awesome

Personal Goals for the Future: Finish my coupe project

Random Fact: Born & Raised in Chula Vista, California

Last Comment: First and foremost have fun, keep it gangster, and keep it Grassroots

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