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So you want to throw a driver profile up on 1K? Its this simple. Fill out the information below. If you copy, paste it, and fill it out and return it with the form pre written below, itl get uploaded ALOT faster and be much easier. When you send it back, include a picture of yourself, drifting oriented if possible. And a picture of you drifting your car or if not available something of your car. If your a photographer, filmer, writer ect..All about drifting, put up something that shows it. Want to promote your site or company? Send all inquires including driver profiles to Its that simple. We are ran off of drifters input. By drifters. For drifters. Plain and simple. Thanks for viewing and get thos profiles in!

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  2. "Picture of driver and car"

    Name: Andrew Mensah


    Location: gainesville, fl

    Years Drifting:i guess 6 because i started when i was 16

    Vehicle of Choice: BMW E36 M3

    Why: because it was what i got for selling my S13's when i came to college

    Mods: typical NA mods, M50 obd1 intake manifold, shark injector chip, bilstein sport shocks and springs, eibach 27mm rear sway, x-brace, RTAB limiters, Turbo, Coil-overs, camber/caster plates, and adjustable control arms coming soon.

    Favorite Track to Throw Down: CFRC in orlando

    Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: not much yet, but impressing the hell out of my friends.

    Personal Goals for the Future: in a drift league 3 years from now. and diversify my driving career.

    Random Fact: im probly the only black guy ull meet drifting an M3

    Last Comment:... BMW, My Ultimate Drifting Machine.

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    Name: Alex Lopez

    Age: 26

    Location: Queen Creek, AZ

    Years Drifting: <1

    Vehicle of Choice: 2004 Infiniti G35 Twin Turbo

    Why: I love the elegance and luxuary of the G35. It’s a 350Z with a longer wheel base and they are not everywhere. I love to way the car looks blowin’ smoke from the tires going sideways

    Mods: Engine: Greddy Twin Turbo with FMIC, Crawford Plenum, Defi Gauges, Custom 3inch single to dual exhaust, K-Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers, Stillen Sway bars, KAAZ 1.5 way LSD, MOMO Drifting Steering wheel, NRG hub and QR, DMAX V35 Body Kit (not pictured, car comes out of the shop wed) Only Body Kit ever exported to the US, SPL Solid Front and Rear Diff Bushings.

    Favorite Track to Throw Down: I love West Track at Firebird, this would have to be my favorite but not really a track you want to run with a lot of drivers. My next favorite Track will have to be PIR because of the high speeds and awesome infields. Third is Adams MotorSports Park in Riverside, Ca because of the tight turns and one set of tires will last you all day.

    Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: I started Drifting July 2009. I have gotten help from all of the best drivers In AZ. My major accomplishments would be that I don’t make the people who have taught me look the other way when they see me drift and are willing to ride now for fun and not to teach all the time. Another accomplishment I would say is that I have gotten to tandem with a lot of great people. I have also gotten the support of many shops to include

    Personal Goals for the Future: Personal goal is to get better to be able to play with the big boys, going all out and getting as close to the wall as possible to give that little tip. I want to have the car caged and gutted this year.

    Random Fact: I love sliding left…

    Last Comment: watch me…