Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #24 Anthony Fallon

Name: Anthony “The Fridge” Fallon

Age: 25 Today!

Location: Tarrytown, NY

Years Drifting: 9 months

Vehicle of Choice: 07 V6 Mustang

Why: God bless American that’s why

BC Racing Suspension/coilovers - BR Type
MPD - Lower Control Arms
Wheel Stud Kit - ARP Fastener Kit
Adjustable Anti-roll bar Kit (Front and Rear) from Hellwig
BBK 70mm Throttle Body (2005+ V6)
C&L Mustang Cold Air Intake and SCT SF3 Tuner Combo (05-09 V6)
SCT Dash Scan Data Monitor
NGK G-Power Platinum Performance Spark Plugs
Taylor Mustang Street Thunder Spark Plug Wires (05-09 V6)
Yukon Rear end master kit
7.5" Motive 4.10 Gears
7.5" Ford Racing LSD
These on all my wheels for now: 235/55/17 Pirelli P-Zeros
Steeda Panhard Bar
MagnaFlow Dual Exhausts
Coming soon:
Mustang RTR 18" Custom Wheels
Gonna be running with Nexen Tires
MDP Spindle modification

Favorite Track to Throw Down: For now all I can say is E-Town, New Jersey. Itsa ll I know for now

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: JR drifted my stang once that was fun.

Personal Goals for the Future: I wanna get the car nice and loose at this year’s events

Random Fact:
Pigs have orgasms for about a half hour

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