Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #48 Marc Bergeon

Name: Marc Bergeon

Age: 24

Location: Arizona

Years Drifting: 7

Vehicle of Choice: any legal professional drifting 240

Why: good power/weight distribution, light weight and easy to toss around and be competitive with.


Work Wheels SD9's 17x9.5 +15 and 18x10 +15
Series 2 RB25det
Garrett T04E Turbo .63 a/r
Sparco quick release
Nardi Torino steering wheel
D-max type 3 aero
D-max front and rear fenders
D-max Hood
D-max roof lip
Custom tubbed front wheel wells
Custom D1 legal cage built by Ryan Hampton and myself
Custom removable tube front rad/IC mount built by myself and
Bride Zeta 2 seat w/low rails
R33 crossmember
R33 aluminium 4 piston calipers
R33 rotors
SS lines
s14 LCAs
s14 Knuckles
Tein tie rods
H Competition Tension rods
H Competition RUCA's
H Competition Toe rods
H Competition Traction rods
boxed in the front tension rod brackets
Cusco bar that goes across the tension rod brackets
Intense Power front 30mm Swaybar
Energy syspension steering rack bushings
Solid aluminium SPL steering collumn bushing
s13 rear subframe, re-enforced
Stance solid aluminium subframe bushing replacements
brand new nissan s13 rear LCAs
s14 rear uprights
s14 rear brakes and ebrakes
s14 ebrake cables
5 lug
Custom chassis wiring
Apex-i gauges
Custom Hydraulic hand brake
rotora slotted rear rotors
180sx Kouki tail lights
and a lot more....

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Phoenix International Raceway

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: D1 grand prix licensed driver, may 2009

Personal Goals for the Future: finish the new car and find enough funds to compete in either the XDC series or Formula D

Random Fact: I'm peggin' the fun meter!

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