Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driver Profile #17 Russel Barcomb

Name: Russ Barcomb

Age: 31

Location: N/H Boston

Years Drifting: 5 yrs

Vehicle of Choice: s13


Mods: SR20det gt2860r 555 rom tuned by also have DANG knuckles, and many more custom parts I have made myself. and I run the basic set up, 5 lug, Tein coils, nismo 2 way, cage, Kirkery seat, Exedy Hyper single clutch, ALum drive shaft, big brakes, Blitz fmic, Blitz 3 inch exh turbo back, NAWZ! on fmic

Favorite Track to Throw Down: All Star Speedway, Epping NH

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Grassroots, and Street Drifter

Personal Goals for the Future: Just to keep having fun.

Random Fact: Drifting is FUN!

Last Comment: KEEP DRIFTING FUN and Peace.

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