Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver profile #25 Noah Kerrigan

Name: Noah Kerrigan

Age: 31

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Years Drifting: 7+

Vehicle of Choice: Nissan S13 240sx Coupe

Why: To be honest, it's easy. To drive, to modify, to fix if something goes wrong. There's a ton of aftermarket support making it easy to find parts. Styling of course is also key. The "Sexy Knights" Onevia comes to mind when I think of the perfect representation of a low, big wheels, big aero, driven hard car.

Mods: The usual...Suspension, Diff, Wheels, Aero, Seat, Cage, SR20. Nothing else you really need to have fun..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Willow Springs for sure. Horsethief Mile, Streets, or Balcony. They're all fun in their own right.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Being a member of Pink GodziRa. lol Seriously tho, I don't know. I never drifted for fame or prizes. It was always just for bragging rights amongst friends and to have fun. Team tandem was also a highlight for sure. Fun to push it when you're just feet away from another car. Oh, I was in Grip Video once...that was kinda cool.

Personal Goals for the Future: To build another car. Haven't driven much since returning from Japan.

Random Fact: I'm probably one of the few local people who have drifted both here in the states as well as in Japan on both tracks and in the mountains. Some of the best times I had were 3am touge sessions with friends.

Last Comment: Drifting should probably try something else

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