Friday, February 26, 2010

Driver Profile #64 Davey Clarke

Name: Davey Clarke

Age: 20

Location:Adelaide, Australia

Years Drifting: 3

Vehicle of Choice: 4age turbo KE70

Why: Very light and can keep up with the big boys, easy to get parts for from an ae86



- AE92 4AGZE small port MAP CAS
- TODA cams
- TODA adjustable cam gears
- Kelway turbo manifold
- RWD cut and shut small port intake manifold
- Custom cooling setup
- 4 core land rover radiator
- T25g turbo
- Turbo back 3 inch straight through over diff to twin 3 inch straight pipes


- JDM T50 gearbox
- Custom Tailshaft
- Extreme AE92 lightened flywheel – 215mm
- AJPS rebuilt shifter
- R31 diff with minispool and VS calipers
- AE71 clutch master cylinder
- AE71 thrust bearing + carrier

Suspension - Brakes:


- AJPS AE86 coilovers
- Cusco camber tops
- AJPS roll center adjusters40mm
- AE86 steering rack – rebuilt
- AJPS adjustable tie rod ends
- AJPS lock spacer
- XT130 Corona control arms – rebuilt
- AE86 power steering arms
- Super pro bushes through out
- Brembro AE86 disks
- TRW ae86 brake pads
- Kelway strut brace
- Cusco caster rod brace


- 6KG AJPS springs
- Short stoke shocks
- AJPS on car adjustable pan hard rod


- Front guards flared
- TE72 front and rear chrome bumpers
- Chrome lipped tail lights
- Origin bolt on flares +35mm


- Custom dash
- Luisi Mirage steering wheel
- HKB boss kit
- AJPS screw on 'Drift button'
- Fully striped interior
- Twin household light switches – ACC and ON
- Red push start button
- Harness
- Fixed Ebay bucket seat
- TE72 modified pedal box

15x8 -9 Performance challengers
14x8 -9 Performance Harricains

143kws on 7psi

Favourite Track to Throw Down: Well only track here in sa is Mallala

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: lots of practice, known to be loose and be entertaining

Personal Goals for the Future: To enter in some comps and have fun and winning one would just be a bonus :)

Random Fact: Did you know that, a car traveling 100 mph would take more than 29 million years to reach the nearest star.

Last Comment: Go out and give it ago! drifting is the best thing i have done in my life, so much fun and great people in it aswell

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