Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driver Profile #62 Zach Catlin

(Corey Z: When you look like this, you know your doing something right!)

Name: Zach Catlin

Age: 23

Location: NoVa

Years drifting: 6

Vehicle of choice: 91 Chevy Camaro 1le Z28. It was my first car and ive had it sense highschool, it handled really well in road race and autox, Infact it still has the same basic suspension setup from back then. However I can drift the crap out of s13's, corollas, supras, and mustangs whenever their brave owners let me.

Mods: Engine

Carburated 355 smallblock
Holley 750cfm carburator
Headman Headers
Comp Cams roller rockers 1.5
Edelbrock Torquer Intake manifold
Custom Twin ram air induction (D-Tuning)
Custom 3 inch exhaust (D-Tuning)
Mallory 6AL ignition with adjustable rev limiter
Poly motor & trans mounts


Umi t-5 trans mount customized to fit 4 speed (D-Tuning)
10 bolt rear with alumium cover
Moser forged axels
Timken nascar spec bearings throughout
3:23 Welded diff (D-Tuning)
Custom steel driveshaft


Custom extended control arms (D-Tuning)
Koni Shocks
Stock Car Products Springs #top secret
Stock 1le 36mm front swaybar
New solid Rubber bushings throughout

Favorite track to throw down: To me its the compeition that makes it worthwhile to throw down, Whichever track has the drifters that are gona go hard and give the best tandems is where I like to throw down. So far its been Summit Point!

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Qualified for Pro-Am Nationals, 2008, Third place Hyperfest 2009, First Place at a Drift Nirvana comp, Always Qualifyied top 16 in drift competitions. Some podiums finishes at US Drift events.

Personal Goals for the Future: XDC drift circuit, Formula Drift, D1! and do an E-Town event! And go PRO!

Random Fact: Garbage day is a very dangrous day...

Last Comment: Keep the spectators excited! Keep trying harder until you can hear Them over your straightpiped drift machine!

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