Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sitting Shotgun: Slideways by Yoshi Jeffrey

I requested Yoshi put down some words on Drifting, and Slideways. This is what he wrote...

A message from The Yoshi: We have a rare opportunity to make what we want out of what we love. Drifting. Just like the great pioneers in other facets of history, we are on the ground floor of something “new”. Time will reward those who make it their own. Computers were already around when Bill Gates came into the picture. He just put the pieces together. This is exactly what we are doing.

Drifting is still relatively unheard of. The first thought in the average person’s mind is a hobo. On the east coast, drifting is still barren. My stake and claim to fame is, of course, Slideways. Our take on this is to keep drifting fun and legal. When you come to an event, you immediately waste a half hour saying hi to your drift buddies and checking out what changed since their last event. You just don’t see that in other auto sports. Friends will come by your house to help you do something on your car. Tech knowledge is free flowing and plentiful. Why would you NOT want to drift?

There is definitely something about not directly comparing yourself to others that brings us together. Subjectivity is what sets us apart. Our goal is fun, not times. We don’t aim to shave tenths of seconds off our lap time. We derive joy from what others think of as insane. Which… we probably are at some level. It all comes down to fun. If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong. So in summation: keep it safe, keep it fun, keep it legal. GO!

Heres photos I got together to reflect the driving, and the friendship we hold as a group people.
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