Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #26 Zach Sadberry

Name: Zack Sadberry


Location: College Station, TX

Years drifting: 2

Vehicle of of choice: e36 325i

Why: The feel of the a bmw is unmatched, i've found that bmw just has so much soul to each individual car that they have almost a personality to them. It's the car i learned to drift in, and unfortunately i had to sell it. I think part of the reason i loved it so much was because of how much "bonding" the car and i had, since it is by far not the most opportune drift car, but it taught me so much. I'm planning on picking up an s13 soon when i move back to virginia, so that will most likely be my car of choice after that.

Mods: Stock with an unknown racing chip

Track: Unfortunately i have yet to experience track driving, however look out 2010 season, here i come!

Goals: Definitely get on track, i've given up street drifting due to safety and law reasons

Random fact: My obsession with drifting has been the cause of problems in a few relationships of mine haha :P (Corey Z.: Me too brah.)

Last comment: I encourage anyone to check out drifting if they're interested in motorsports or cars at all. The culture and friendliness is incredible. I'd like to thank and all of it's members for being so helpful in my interest in drifting, i owe most of what i know to those guys, swing by and check it out.

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