Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driver Profile #52 Willie Ortega

Name: Willie Ortega

Age: 32

Location: philly/ jersey

Years Drifting: 8 on and off

Vehicle of Choice: currently a ka-t powered ae86, but pretty much anything that has wheels

Why: idk its like a bad relationship. i hate them, i love them, i hate them a gaing. but this time i have the perfect receipe for it.

Mods: bc coilovers, adjustable four links and panrod arm, tc rods, battle version bumpsteer blocks, celica-supra rear diff. wheels, body kit and paint im still debating on. beside the engne been a ka24de, everything else its a secret..

Favorite Track to Throw Down: e-town, philly

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: started alot of great friendships.

Personal Goals for the Future: destroy tires , get married

Random Fact: apparently ikea has some awesome footage of me and a couple of friends destroying there parking lot. one of the security guard was tring to get a copy but failed.

Last Comment: stay away from the wall

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