Monday, February 22, 2010

Driver Profile #41 David Adams

Name: David Adams

Age: 25

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Years Drifting: 2

Vehicle of Choice: Choice? 4th Generation Mustang (but I drift an Infiniti M30 Currently)

Why: Gotta love that V8 grumble and the All American Style

Mods: To my car? JIC Coilovers, Camber Plates, S13 LCA's, S13 Tie Rods, SportMax 18" Wheels, Nitto INVO 225s up front and 275s out back. 5-speed conversion, Exedy Clutch, Welded Diff, S13 Shifter, Custom Exhaust, Slide Asylum Sticker ^_^

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Haven't done many tracks, but if I had to pick a fav, I'd say . . .Nashville Super Speedway

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Just getting into it and rising to tandem class in my first year of drifting with a bone-stock 01 Mustang Bullitt. I also placed 18 of 42 drifters at the SouthEast Drift Challenge pt 1 and have been invited to drifting demos on more than one occasion though not always able to attend, LOL!

Personal Goals for the Future: Just to get into a car I can finally stick with and have fun with it. I lost sight of the "fun" aspect in 2009 and for 2010 I hope to bring it back. I just want to see what good comes from this car and how far it can get me in local and regional competition.

Random Fact: Tire smoke is made from the friction between the spinning tire and it's contact surface.

Last Comment: Never forget that above all else, drifting is supposed to be fun. Don't take it too seriously, always drift like it's just a game and you'll always kick ass!

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