Sunday, February 21, 2010

Driver profile #13 Moto Miwa

Name: Motohide "Moto" Miwa

Age: 40

Location: Southern California

Years Drifting: 14 years

Vehicle of Choice:
AE86 is personal favorite...of course, Club4AG~~LOL!
But I drive all sorts of cars on all kinds of venues.
I'm standing in line now for the FT86 and saving for a used Gallardo.

UH...just go to Club4AG, there's 42 pages of stuff I wrote.

Favorite Track to Throw Down:
Suzuka Circuit, Mie, Japan.
Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, California USA
Nurburgring, Germany

Drifting... Everything that has to do with it... Personal favorite?
When I drove Mr.Tsuchiya from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in my car and spent a whole day discussing everything about our lives.

Personal Goals for the Future:
To chase my dreams, and to never look back.

Random Fact:
Everything about me is pretty random.

Last Comment:
I'll save this for 3 minutes before I take my last soon I hope.

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