Saturday, March 6, 2010

Out of the Box: Slide Asylum with Slappy

Ive been hearing and seeing Slide Asylum stuff for a long time now and I know have the short but sweet story. On what actually is, Slide Asylum. Legit group keeping drifting fun!

Why i started Slide Asylum

I basically started Slide Asylum or "Team SA" as a way to attract local drivers / friends that are looking to be a part of a fun group while at the same time being involved in their own chosen motorsport, whether it be Auto X, Lapping Days & or Drifting, hence the subtitle, "Drift & Grip Club". Members must be down to have fun & do goofy shit & not take shit seriously.

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Team SA members....(With links to there Driver Profiles if available)


Kareem Elkadi

Jason Johnston

Nick D'Alessio

Matt Taylor

Russ Captain Caveman Barcomb           Russ Driver Profile

JDMWill Ortega                   Wills Driver Profile

Greg Valinoti