Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Design a poster contest

So here at 1K we want to have the drifting community fully involved in everything we do. So with that said I proudly introduce to you, the 1K DRIFT design a poster contest. We will post up a base image with actual print size to draw off of. We want a good background of a car drifting first and foremost. From there its all up to you. Keep it badass and flashy. Thats all we ask. 
When you look at it. Ask yourself, would a drifter want that? Then send that shiz in and we will pick a winner after 1 week. Winning design will be credited in print to the designer and that person will receive a first print 1K DRIFT shirt and vinyl after they are produced very shortly by the way!!!! Base photo will be posted up this week so keep an eye out because you have ONE week from that day to get it gnar!

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