Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sitting Shotgun: Lee Alexander

I've known Lee now for a good year. I remember a few years ago when Lee had his car painted up in blue/orange 2-tone. It was the hands down loudest car I have ever heard at the track! Lee now has his car beautifully set-up. It looks mean as hell and runs like it too! I like Lee's aggressive driving style. Lee is all about having fun and keeping drifting that way. I have a lot of fab work for Lee to do and it started with the simple, diff welding. Took him maybe 20 minutes. Turned out beautiful! While I was there I had some good words with Lee on drifting. Heres what he had to say..

1K: How many years have you been drifting?

Lee: I've been drifting for 3 or 4 years now.

1K: How did you get into drifting?

Lee: I went to a US Drift event at ODS and I just felt and knew that I had to do that.

1K: What did you start drifting?

Lee: A 2005 Lexus IS300, it was awesome. I totalled it. Pretty much immediately after that I got my S14 and a trailer, because I almost got stuck at a Drift Nirvana, it was my daily.

1K: When did you start fabricating?

Lee: About the same time, once I started drifting I realized I needed to do stuff. So I started doing it for myself, then I started doing it for close friends.
Then those friends told friends, and so on and so forth and its just kind of spread from there. It's goin' pretty good now.

1K: Where do you plan on going with drifting and doing fabrication?

Lee: I don't really plan on going anywhere with drifting, unless it's fun. I don't wanna' be a super star. I just wanna' have lots of fun. And I want everybody else
to have a lot of fun. That's one of the reasons I do the fabrication, to involve everyone as much as I can. Get people tandeming, because that's where all the fun is at. And to get people on the track, you shouldn't be drifting unless it's on the track.

1K: What have you seen change in drifting since you started?

Lee: I've seen a lot more people come to it, a lot of more diverse people. A lot more cars, the community's really grown a lot in just that short amount of time. Its gotten a lot better too, there's a lot more friendly faces coming out. Everybody nowadays is just really cool and everybody that has been doin' it for a long time is really cool. I hope drifting doesn't change. I like the way it is.

1K: Where do you think drifting is going in the future?

Lee: I hope the way it stays now, I hope it doesn't get really really commercialised and played out. I just hope it stays grassroots, and I hope it stays fun, and I hope it stays accessible to everybody. Thats one of the important things is, accessibility. I dont want to be a super star, I want everybody to come out and have a good time and be approachable and be willing to approach people. You know, not be scared of people.

Any last comments? Corey Zankam, is my hero. (Lee calls me Zankam instead of Zinkhan, alot.)

Those pictures of the diff are a quick process of the welding. Open. Clean. Bead. Plate. Flip. Repeat. Complete. Down below is Lee's S14 and his spec sheet! 

Car: 1997 Nissan 240sx, Black exterior, hammer finish black interior
Engine: Fully built, turbocharged KA24DE
-All machine work and assembly performed by Gunther’s Machine Shop in    Woodsboro, MD.
-Bored .030 over
-Supertech pistons and rings
-Eagle connecting rods
-OEM bearings
-ARP bottom end studs
-ARP head studs
-Ported head
-BC valves
-BC valve springs
-BC 264 cams
-MLS .5mm head gasket
-Excessive Engineering intake manifold
-Witch Hunter tuned 740cc top feed fuel injectors
-Billet top feed fuel rail
-Walbro fuel pump
-Full Race top mount twin scroll T3 exhaust manifold
-Garret GT3071R twin scroll turbocharger
-Full Race down pipe
-Tail 44mm wastegate
-Buddy Club Spec II catback
-Mid mounted intercooler with custom 90deg end tank outlets
-Custom intercooler piping from MA-Motorsports
-Tail blow-off valve
-Meziere electric water pump
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator
-Silicone radiator hoses
-Avid Racing Motor and Trans mounts
-ACT unsprung 4-puck clutch
-B&M short throw shifter
-Custom engine and chassis wiring done at MA-Motorsports
-Electromotive TEC3 R engine management

Interior- Custom 6-point NASA/SCCA legal gusseted and double Do-Luck roll cage
-Cage painted florescent pink
-fully gutted interior
-Spray painted Hammer finish black
-Sparco Fighter seats
-Sparco 5-point harnesses
-NRG 2.5 quick release hub
-Sparco Safari steering wheel

Exterior- Chaser Aero Type 4 body kit
-Chaser Aero vented fiberglass hood
-Chaser Aero Carbon Kevlar trunk
-Chaser Aero 30mm rear over fenders
-Chaser Aero 30mm vented front fenders
-Ganador rear view mirror
-Lexan side and rear windows
-LED tail lights
-17 X 9.5 MB Battles
-235/40R17 falken azenis(front)
-235/40R17 Nankang NS-1(rear)

Chassis- Tubbed and tubed front end
-Front and rear crash bars
-PBM Coilovers
-Battle version tension rods
-Orange tree rear arms
-MA-Motorsports Awsomeatron steering knuckles
-SPL outer tie rod ends
-Z32 front brakes
-Goodrich steel braided brake lines
-Solid rear subframe mounts
-Welded S13 Diff
-One piece aluminum driveshaft


  1. nice interview! lee is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the drift world, and he can do wonderful things with metal. Alexander Fabrication all the way!

  2. yea lee is a really nice guy, he has done my cage and welded a few other things for me, its people like him that make grass roots drifting awesome

  3. Lee is my favorite s14 driver/fabricator.. a good man here!