Monday, March 8, 2010

Driver Profile # 81 John Jimison

Name: John Jimison, aka "oilcover".

Age: 26

Location: Huntington Beach, Ca & Himeji, Japan.

Years drifting: 8

Vehicle of choice: Mazda RX7 FC3S.

Why: to an experienced driver...the FC rules. agility and response!

Mods: Streetported, bigass injectors, PowerFC, cusco coilovers, Tomei trax 2-way,
HotLine knuckles, HotLine Coilover mod, HotLine full cage, DTSS elim's, URAS rack spacers,
GP Sports exhaust. Uras N+ aero and paint that I haven't put on yet (lazy.) T04S on the way.

Favorite track to throw down: Horse Thief Mile at Willowsprings raceway in California, and Nakayama Circuit in Japan.

Personal accomplishments in drifting: not giving up. being guided and encouraged within some of the
really good crews in Japan - Out-Side, Yamada Family, Mind Control; and learning and absorbing all of the advice from them!

Personal goals in the future: win stuff. And never stop having fun.

Random fact: 
A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate.

Last comment: you know how to make a small fortune racing? Start with a big one and work your way down...

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