Saturday, March 27, 2010

Driver Profile # 88Jim Waughe

Name:  Jim Waughen aka "Won Ton"

Age:  14+24  (you do the math)  My Mom made me a birthday cake with this on it last year.  (See attached pic)  This June I will be 14 + 25.

Location: Mechanicsburg PA the 17055

Years Drifting: I don't drift my car.  I make movies about cars sometimes.  I can't afford to repair my car and I don't know how either.  So I have to pay people at Import Intelligence in West Chester to work on my car.

Vehicle of Choice: 1991 Nissan 240SX  (The S13 chassis is smoking.  A simple, yet beautiful design.  I prefer the hatchback.  The later 240s are okay looking I guess.)

Why: I bought this car in 1993 slightly used with 17k miles on it.  I always loved the 280Z car design.  Nissan improved the looks of the early Z's with the S13.  The swept back cab and simple lines of the vehicle are quite simply intoxicating to the observer.  The stock KA is underpowered, but you can fix that.  Either yourself, which I can't do, or with help from others.  Kind of funny that a car, a machine, could change someones life.  It has definitely influenced me.

Mods:  SR20 swap.  It's black.  Koyo Rad.  GReddy FMIC.  Walbro fuel pump.  Top mount injectors.  (Not sure of size or make.)  Short shifter.  GReddy boost controller.  BC Coilovers.  External wastegate.  Not sure what size.  It's probably a Tial.  17x9 FN01R wheels.  BC coilovers.  Driveshaft shop 1 piece aluminum drive shaft.  Sony stereo.  Garrett 2871R Turbo.  Tomei exhaust manifold.  Apex N1 Dual exhaust.  Big Supra styled wing.  Battery in trunk.  No cruise control or AC.  Flashed ECU.  Big air filter.  Heat shield around brake fluid reservoir.

Favorite Track to Throw Down:  So far it would be KilKare Speedway in Ohio.  Had a great trip there last year.  I drank some beers and filmed there.  That's pretty fun.   Unfortunately I did lose a towel, my favorite blue blanket, a tripod, and swimming trunks on that trip.  I did get the tripod back.  But everything else is still gone.  I think Damien has my blanket.  I really don't want it back at this point.  So he can keep it.  No problem.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: I just film cars. 

Personal Goals for the Future:  Film more cars and have fun.   I would like to do a burnout in my car someday.

Random Fact:

Corey Z- Check this link for Jims nice drift video work!

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