Saturday, March 27, 2010

Driver Profile #87 Marvin Narciso

Name: Marvin Narciso

Age: 34

Location: Stationed in Bahrain for a 1 year but trying to make my way back to Japan

Years Drifting: 7 1/2 years

Vehicle of Choice: Nissan S14 

Why: I felt the need to upgrade from an S13 to the S14.  

Mods: Greddy TDO6-25G, HKS 256IN/256EX camshafts, HKS F-con Pro V, URAS Tension Rods, Cusco RUCA, G-Master Basis Coilovers, CST Zero-1 17x9.5 front 18x9.5 rear 

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Nago and the Bullring on Okinawa are fun but I like Motorland SP in Northern Japan but I'm sure that will change when I hit up other tracks.  Here is MSP 

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: First American to be in the top 16 for Northern Japan

Personal Goals for the Future: As far a drifting goes, I plan to continue having fun doing it.

Random Fact: I spent the last 10 years in Japan

Last Comment: People tend to forget how fun drifting really is when they try to be the best.  You also learn more when you are having fun.

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