Thursday, March 4, 2010

Driver Profile #77 Cody Loughead

Name: Cody Loughhead


Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Years Drifting: 3rd year competeing

Vehicle of Choice: My 93 240sx hatch

Why: She's my drift slut....nuff said.

s13 Redtop
ARP Head Studs
Cometic Metal HG
Power Fc (map)
550cc injectors
Bings manifold
Bings rear multi-link
30mm rear overfenders
Megan coilovers......and the list goes on. 
Jam = 310rwhp/298rwtq

Favorite track to Throw Down: Havent ripped many but Shannonville Motorsports Park is bread and butter.

Personal Accomplishments in drifting: qualified 7th out of 26 in my first event. Finished 2nd overall in points for CSCS series.

Personal Goals for the Future: Grab some sponsers and go pro.

Random Fact: Would take a great ass over a set of tits anyday of the week....random enough?

Last Comment: Slide or Die!!!

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