Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre Flight: Drift Nirvana 2010 Season Opener

We are exactly one week away from the first Drift Nirvana meet of 2010.  Everyone is running around trying to get their cars back together and tuned after one long and hellish winter.  Who's ready to get back outside and smell some burning tires?!!  Winter has been rough for us all on the East Coast and it's slowly coming to an end.  This is going to be the first taste of Spring for all of us!  It's time to get out of the house and cause a rawkus!! 

 I myself am tired of sitting in my drafty apartment watching drift videos on the intraweb.  This is the time of year I live for!  When I start to feel restless and anxious because all I can think about is warm weather and drifting!  Even if your car isn't finished, come out and support your friends or help out the new guys.  I hope to see the usual's tearing up the track this weekend, as well as some new faces!  I think we are all excited to get back down to Summit Point this Sunday and get a taste of things to come-  an action packed and unpredictable 2010 drift season!

-Dan Jenkins

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  1. I hate the last minute "Will I make it?!". The week before is always killer.