Monday, March 15, 2010

1K DRIFT T-shirt Winner from Drift Nirvana

Congrats Bobby! Bobby gets a MOAR GNAR shirt for throwing down the 3 bucks for a Virginia is for Drifters bumper sticker at Drift Nirvana and being ever so lucky to be drawn from a Thos Kids hat!! 1K DRIFT also welcomes Sam Durham to the crew! Keep an eye out for the 1K DRIFT exclusive with the man behind the track, of Summit Point Raceway. Jens Scott. And some nice media even on a severely rainy day, we still pulled out 67 drivers!! I got behind the wheel of an Evo on the skidpad, why? Because it was fun. Now keep drifting that way!

Also coming soon, Dorki Dori clothing exclusive, words with Forsberg, and much more!

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