Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Driver Profile # 83 Ven Shenoy


Name: Ven Shenoy

Age: 24

Location:  Austin, TX and Houston, TX

Years Drifting: Less than 1 year = n00b status

Vehicle of Choice:  1993 BMW E36

Why: I sold a set of wheels to Chelsea Denofa from my F-Prepared BMW on bimmerforums.com and he invited me out to a drift event to check out his car - got hooked and decided to build one myself with the spare motor and suspension I had - spent a whole bunch more time on a shell and here I am - n00bage status FTW, but we all started somewhere. I've been autocrossing for about 5 years now - 3 years in prepared. I've had 2 E36s in F-prepared in SCCA Autocross, and a BMW seemed to be the logical car to build for me. Also, Chelsea was doing really well in one on the US drift circuit, and I had a spare motor and suspension sitting around.

Mods: Gutted, Ground Control Advanced Design D/A Suspension with Eibach springs, Motorforce custom camber plates, '95 M3GT clone British Racing Green paint, M3GT Wing, M52 motor, S52 cams, OBD-1 converted, M50 intake manifold, Southbend 6 puck ceramic clutch, The Racer's Market tune, soon to have a SMAK steering kit from Chelsea.

Favorite Track to Throw Down: GGP, Houston - nothing for me to run into and total my car (that's what I did with my gold E36 FP car)

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Can finally keep the car sideways and make transitions cleanly - hope to go crazier soon. I'm used to keeping the car in control and with traction to go faster in autocross, but learning to control it when it's out of control is actually making me faster too.

Personal Goals for the Future: Have fun, burn up a lot of tires, make more events, and oh yes, have more fun.

Random Fact: Both my street cars make more than 2.5 times the power of my drift car.

Last Comment: I'm the undisputed king of the parking lot, I'm sitting sideways.

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