Sunday, March 7, 2010

Driver Profile #79 Chelsea DeNofa

Corey Z.: Ok so I like seeing Bmw drift cars. This one is one of my personal faves. So I put up a couple more, including the gnar bike rack photo!

Name: Chelsea "ienjoydrifting" DeNofa

Age: 21

Location: Seabrook, tx and Philadelphia, PA

Years Drifting: Coming up on 7 years in April

Vehicle of Choice: BMW M3 (E36)

Why: Great 3 liter motor that takes an absolute beating. Cheap and easy to find parts. Wheelbase is 9 inches longer then an S-Chassis, but the same overall length bumper to bumper, unbeatable dollar for dollar, and everything in the driveline is good for four digit horsepower.

All engine work done at The Racers Market

-200,000 mile S50
-Stock bottom end
-VAC .140 Head Gasket
-ARP 2000 Head studs
-Southbend Clutch
-High Flow Water Pump
-160 Tstat

Turbo System

-SPA mainfold
-Precision 6262 ball-bearing Billet wheel
-SPA Compact Wastegate (now recirculated)
-Level7TUNE Ultimate Cooling System
-TRM Oil Distribution Block
-VAC Aluminum Motor Mounts
-S-max Intercooler with C02 "chill" core
-S-max Fuel pressure regulator
-S-max Blow off Valve
-S-max Vacuum distribution block
-TRM Oil Lines
-TRM 60lb injectors
-TRM Intake kit
-TRM 3.5 inch MAF KIT
-TRM motor mount
-Secret Service Auto 3 inch Aluminum turbo back
-Secret Service Auto Catch Can
-Secret Service Auto Coolant Tank
-Secret Service Auto Engine Dress
-Secret Service Auto Maintenance
-Secret Service Auto AM (Air Manipulator)
-Secret Service Auto Intercooler piping

BC racing BR-TYPE Coilovers. 10K Front and 12K Rear
Level7TUNE Drift Angle Knuckles
Level7TUNE Tie Rods
E46 Front lower control arms
Powerflex Control arm bushings
Stock Brakes with Cobalt pads


Cobra Suzuka Seat
Schroth 5pt harness
Sparco Evo2 passenger seat
Firecharger 10lb 3 nozzle suppression system
Peyton Steering wheel
Level7TUNE Cage
TRM Weight Reduction
TRM 7 inch shift knob
Level7TUNE ebrake extension
S-Max 10lb C02 bottle
K's Boost Gauge
AEM Wideband


Front: OEM 5 series 17x8.5 +13. Wrapped in 235-40-17 Dunlop Z1 star-spec
Rear: SSR Type-C 18x10.5 +20, ASA 18x9.5 +20, MAE 18x10.5 +20. Wrapped in 275-35-18 Nexen N3000 Drift Tires.


Hood and trunk skinned
JDM BMW Bumper Pole
Level7TUNE rear flares
Rolled fenders

Favorite Track to Throw Down: Really can't choose just one. I really had a blast a Tsukuba, but Road Atlanta and IRL St. Petersburg are at the top as well.

Personal Accomplishments in Drifting: Licensed in every major drifting series.

Personal Goals for the Future: This year I really hope to do well in Japan's D1 Series. But really the goal is to just make it to every event on my 30 event schedule!

Random Fact: It's against the law to slam your car door in Switzerland.

Last Comment: Just like to thank my current sponsors for everything

TRM (The Racers Market)
S-Max Intercoolers
Secret Service Auto
BC Racing Suspension
Nexen Tires

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