Saturday, April 17, 2010

Intraweb Drift Find: Justin Pawlak Blog

So as of late I have been super busy finishing things up on my S13 for a coming event. 2 weeks left! Anyway, in my spare time I've been going and collecting up websites worth sharing with the Drifting community! Starting with this one which I just went through and must I say it was a good one. For this Drift Find we have Justin Pawlak's blog. These days everyone has a blog and its hard to get down to the good stuff with so much to go through. JTP has his own shop now which some do and don't know. Located in Gardena, CA, the shop which goes by "Hot Line" is full of obviously gnarly projects. 

Following JTP's blog shows alot of work thats getting done at Hot Line. The blog is full of great things like event stuff, and a lot of fabrication work! Props to Justin for his Falken deal in the 2010 season and the guys at Hot Line for doing some awesome work! 

Link to the goods:

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