Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drifting Around The World, March 2010 Edition

Drifting isn't just a growing phenomenon in the USA; there are plenty
of other places around the world that have rapidly growing drift
scenes. Here's a video sampling of some of these areas.  -pr0craztinazn

Drifting Selection 3 from Fabio Ugolini on Vimeo.
An Italian drift event; rarely do we see coverage of such things.
Notice the fair amount of S197 Mustangs; wouldn't be a vehicle I'd
expect to be popular out there.

More Suzuka Twin from Rob R on Vimeo.
Rob Ritter, of Miata fame, is in Japan at an event in his LHD
S-chassis. Everybody wants what isn't common around them...

A winter DRIFT day. Spanish drifting at Castellolí circuit. from Albert's Art Works on Vimeo.
Drifting in Spain... Albert's Art Works puts out some very well done
event coverage; his other videos are definitely worth watching.

Live for Drifting from unokeva on Vimeo.
Another Spanish drift event; this one is well shot, too.

Weston Super Mare Drift Day from Floyd Parsons on Vimeo.
Here's an event in the southern United Kingdom. A short vid, but sweet.

Philippines Car Porn Productions from Ian King on Vimeo.
An excellently done video of an event in the Philippines. With the
perspective in the early part of the video, it almost looks like RC

Session Failure from Mez Productions on Vimeo.
From Australia comes a video from Mez, whom has a great eye for this,
even with a malfunctioning camera.

Drift-Inc March Session at Pembrey Wales from Drift-inc on Vimeo.
Welsh drifting; no jokes about funny accents. Looks as grassroots as
one can get; I like.

Stay tuned for part II of Drifting Around The World!

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